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  To provide information about
  organizations, resources and
  products that will:

   help people in need
   help stop animal abuse
   help save the environment
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To raise awareness about the fragile state of our beautiful planet and how we can each do our part to set the stage for a sustainable future.

Together We Can Accomplish Miracles!

What You Can Do Now For a Better Planet
* Recycle
* Conserve Energy
* Click for Charity
* Become a Vegetarian
* Try Veggie Weight Loss Plans

We've Got a Long Way To Go - Yet...
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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 Healthier Eating For You and Better for Animals!

Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

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And click here to see EVEN MORE vegetarian and vegan meal plan books.

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Visit Big Cat Rescue


The Animal Rescue Site
Your daily clicks here can help give animal food and care

Mercy for animals
Help stop cruelty toward farmed animals

Order a free vegetarian starter kit here.

Big cat rescue
Recycling your ink cartridges can help them!  Find out how to do it here!